Sep 25, 2006
hey, i am going to work in washington this summer and i live in canada, i was wondering how hard it is to bring my bike across the border. any special paperwork or can i just line up and drive across? any info would be greatly appreciated.
Apr 30, 2007
As a USAian, judging from what I've heard from the Canadians, just tell them you're racing, and tell them where you're racing. That's all that seemed to be required besides the ID/birthcertificate/Passport (whichever is required now, I forget).

I'll ask next weekend and let you know for sure (if I can remember).



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Apr 9, 2002
Stop at the Canada Customs office at the border BEFORE you go to US customs to cross. Inform the customs agent you are taking a dirtbike across and want to make sure you have no issues on return. They can fill out a form and register the VIN #, you can pretty much do this with anything that has a serial # like electronics, camera's etc if you are concerned about the return trip. When we go down to race we don't bother and have never had an issue but better safe than sorry.
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