Aug 5, 2007
crashed pretty hard about 5 weeks ago.callapsed a lung and broke 2 ribs and 1 rib broke twice.i feel really good i was just wondering if it would be ok to ride the bike again.i dont mean to ride like i used to just to get on the bike and ride on the track again.if anyone ever had any of these problems your thoughts would be great.thanks


Sep 8, 2007
im the wrong person to ask and to say you can ride would be dispensing medical advise im not qualified to do however..

Im currently walking and riding on a a torn acl and patellar ligament....

I would be most concerned with the collapsed lung....

however if you feel good, I would take things slow... ask your doctor?


Feb 13, 2007
Have you consulted your doctor? Safety and your health should be your number one concern, and even though many people on this site have probably had similar injuries and experiences, you should still consult your doctor and find out when you're safe to ride again.


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
6 to 8 weeks of,no laughing,coughing,belching,breathing deep and please,no sneezing! 5 weeks depends on age and severity of injury. As long as you do not impact your chest or back,and do not push yourself. You are off meds? I never had a collapsed lung though.

doug howell

Aug 26, 2007
I would suggest taking it easy. I broke my elbow in the spring and could not resist the lure of my bike. The truth is I cannot ride injured like I ride healthy. My mind said " Pull the front wheel up and punch it over the large rut in the trail". My broken elbow said "I don't think so!". Result: re-broke the elbow and all of '07 was lost.

I should be fine for the spring of '08 but I sure would have enjoyed the fall of '07 a lot more had I not pushed it sooo much!

Ride if you must...but just ride! Do not push the limits with one lung and a few ribs.

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
A large part of it depends on which ribs you broke. The higher ones move less and hurt less than the lower ones. I broke 9, 10, and 11 all in a row on my left side and was riding in 4 weeks but they still hurt a lot (but I never went to the doctor and didn't "know" what I had broken). Two months later I broke 6 and 7 along with my collar bone. The collar bone kept me off the bike for 5 1/2 weeks and when I rode again I didn't even notice the ribs.

Since I had to go to the ER with the obviously broken collar bone, the doctor came in with the x-rays and said, "Yep, you broke your collar bone and ribs 6 and 7. And 9, 10, and 11 are healing nicely." All 5 were broken in a straight line down the left side.

Bottom line is, though, no one but your doctor can give you any decent advice on when you can ride again safely.
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