Feb 19, 2001
I wanted to start a new thread on this subject to get the attention it deserves.Especially after reading the post about Holeshot.
I e-mailed Sommer KTM in Europe and told them the problem I was having locating an oil ring for my 540. He immediately called KTM Europe and located one. Here's the best part, he knew I was in a hurry for it, so he shipped it right away and said I should recieve it in 3 to 10days and to send him a money order when I recieved it. He said, I trust you! Now, you tell me any other dealer that would do that, especially when you don't even know them or have never dealt with them before.
Mt dealer calls KTM USA and they said the ring is back ordered and that they're expecting a container in about 2 weeks. ( does that sound familiar ) The last time I heard that. I was waiting on a main shaft. 3 months later I recieved it. They would never tell me exactly when they were going to recieve it. What I kept hearing out of them was,it should be coming.:confused: Anyway, a big thanks to Sommer KTM. Thats what I call customer service. I suggest if you are ever in a bind for a part, give them a call.
Oh Yeah! My shipping and handling charges wre $20 :)

Coach in ND

Mar 19, 2001
That's the way all dealer should be....to bad very few of them are!!

Do you have a website or e-mail address for these guys.....might need to get ahold of them in a pinch someday!!

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