Jun 23, 2002
I was looking in my RacerX Magazine, and noticed in an FMF ad that Jason Raines was using a BRP triple clamp. The triple clamp was blue. I was wondering if this colored clamp was available to the public, or just one of those little factory parts. I looked on their website, www.brpit.com , and couldn't find it. Also, are the BRP products quality?
Thanx for all the help!


Apr 13, 2000
I was actually at the BRP office yesterday. Jim helped me find the proper bar clamp to hold my Scotts on a Tag upper clamp. He had absolutely no problem jumping in the back of my truck and running back and forth to the warehouse until things were perfect.

I also picked up a beefy off road skidplate. Their products appear to be very well manufactured and the customer service was great. They even serviced my Scotts dampener in less than 24 hours and had it ready for a fellow DRNer to pick up today. This is another vendor that I have no problem recommending.

I did see some blue ignition cover plugs but I dont remember seeing any blue clamps. If I were you I would just give them a call.
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