Mar 10, 2007
I was wondering how u bump start a bike. I have been riding for about 2 years now and just recently heard of this. Can someone tell me the proper way to do this. I have a kdx 220 if it makes a difference. Thanks


Oct 19, 2006
Get the bike rolling, hop on to the bike, drop it in gear (2nd is usually best) with the clutch in, drop your butt to the back of the seat and, as soon as your butt hits the seat let the clutch out. Some bikes will lock up the back tire if you don't bounce your butt off the seat as soon as the clutch engages. If you have a bike that is reluctant to start, it's best to have a buddy push you while you repeat the rest of the procedure. Bumpstarting is useful if you stall but are still rolling and want to get the bike fired without stopping (like on downhill sections). It can help you get back to camp when you break a clutch lever as well. Again, get the bike in neutral but since you don't have a clutch you'll just have to drop it into gear as you bounce your butt off the back of the seat.


Baked Spud
Jan 1, 2001
Bump starting on a muddy, rocky, gnarlyass downhill is the stuff dreams are made of; especially if your boots are thick with mud and slip off the pegs before you get the bike started. Try it first chance you get.
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