Mar 21, 2001
Since I have never purchased a new bike and am about to do so, here is a question.
Is buying a bike "still in the crate" worth it?
Should i pay the extra beans for the dealer to put it together?
I could definitely put one together, i can build a car motor and a dirt bike motor so it doesnt seem like rocket science.
Can i get a crated bike delivered to my doorstep?
Who's done this before?

MARK # 51

Apr 18, 2000
i get all my bikes in the crate, but its not really to save money. most of the things my local bike shops do when they put a bike together is wrong and has to be redone by me anyway. they route front brake cables behind number plates, set levers in positions that are not right for me, tighten lever purches too tights to move in a crash, etc. there is not much involved in setting up the yz's, kx's, cr's, and sx ktms. ive done them all. the 2001 ktm 520sx comes without oil in the engine though. that was a first for me, but maybe its a ktm thing.


Feb 1, 2001
I think it's kind of an either, or situation. The bike will be assembled by a kid making minium wage and it will be wrong for you. All motorcycles that I know of are shipped without oil, and serviced at the dealer. Even though It's a new bike , if it were me I would take it home and disassemble it, grease it with good waterproof grease, set up all the controls, loc-tite the fastners and put my prefered lubricants in it. I might ride it once or twice, or break it in first, but I do this to all my bikes. Be sure you have a manual for torque settings ans control routings. The down side of getting it in the crtate is that the deraler has a sheet they sign off, as to them assembling it. If it's done wrong the fault is thiers, if you do it you take the responsible for it , if there is a warranty issue. I could be wrong about the amount of grease that the euro's use when they assemble thier bike as I've not had the pleasure of putting one together, but japanese bikes come with only a minium of low quality assembly lube, virtually dry. Good luck,,, and let us know what you decide and how it works out:D
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