Apr 6, 2002
New addition to the California endangered list

Scientific Name: Anguilla rostrata jersyii.
Common Name: The Eel

Most Eels prefer to dwell in shallow water but this unusual member of the Anguilla family has a habitat ranging from the Southern California Deserts to the South Sierra Nevada, often found wandering creek beds, dry lakes and other areas that seldom see running water. It can be identified by its pale skin and dirt colored “goatee”. It has adapted to Southern California conditions from its Previous Jersey area but hasn’t fully adapted to dealing with the amount of sun the area receives. It is often found trying to protect its pale skin with the oil from coconuts, or resting in the shade of rocks, yucca or wherever it can find relief from the sun. The Eel, though difficult to catch, is easy to track by its telltale dust trail or one can follow the shed parts of bike, the European variety, that it seems to slough off after about a season or two of use. The Eel can be trapped by luring it into treacherous canyons with a string of ribbon that it has been known to mindlessly follow.

Shortly this rare Southern California creature will no longer be found in the area. It has been discovered that The Eel is retreating to more northerly climes, specifically the Seattle Washington area. Although not for certain, it is speculated that the reason for the move is that the Seattle weather is better suited for its pale skin.

Goodbye and good luck to the friend known as The Eel.


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the Eel

Sep 23, 2000
LOL. Chris, you rock and I'm gonna miss you. I hope we can stay in touch.


Tony 'da Rat
Oct 16, 2000
Bummed to see you go Eric but happy for you at the same time. Glad we got a chance to hang out last weekend before you bail.

Shoot me your new contact info once you get settled in. I'll drag some Crew members with me when I come to invade your new digs.

We had many good times. You will be missed my friend.

scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
it's been fun. I ll look for your email with the enduro schedule. It'll be cool to come visit and get a race in as well. Soon Seattle may be the closest legal place to ride for us in California :bang:
Good luck and best wishes.

Oh yeah, if you need help moving. Tony is availible :) :cool:


Crazy Russian
Jan 25, 2000
Be careful up there - electric Eels and wet weather don't go together well. It'll rain for 60 days and 60 nights but you won't need an Ark. And when the sun finally peeks through, you'll feel like a vampire when sun comes up. Other than that, it should be great.

Huh - I guess we lost the main guy in the SoCal crew. :ahhh:

Oh yeah .. when you get your new pad, be sure not to get one with a skylight. The patter of raindrops against the plexiglass for days on end will drive you crazy. :whoa:


Apr 11, 2001
Well done, Chris - endangered indeed.

The first time I met Eric was the result of posting here, calling for a group ride at Hungry Valley in what, the fall of 2000? Before departing on our "intermediate" loop, he approached me, concerned about his buddy's ability to hang with us (this just shows how well The Eel is concerned about the wefare of others); I assured him all would be fine, and as a result all in our group had one of the better days on the trails, and became more confident in their abilities.

Months later we finally connected for a club enduro at El Mirage - neither of us had computers. Since this was his first, I managed to get us on the same minute, only to show him how to totally blow the race, although we had an overwhelming dose of fun in the process - even manged to roost myself trying to get around a junior. From then he earned his way up in the rankings from novice to expert - not an easy feat, and well deserved.

Another highlight of that first enduro was meeting Eel Sr. Having ridden (east coast) enduros in his younger days, Sr. spoke with astonishment re: all our (west coast) speed changes, whilst he knew of simply 24 MPH - all day, all the time.

There's more albeit that's plenty for now.


Jan 27, 2000
Hey Eric.

Have fun up in the Great Northwet. ;) You are gonna love it up there.

Had a great time riding with you. Hope to do it again sometime. :cool:

Nice thread Chris. :nod:


Apr 13, 2000
Enduros, lost in Big Bear and watching you swap out right in front of me in Baldy Mesa....Good times.

Any last rides before you head out?

the Eel

Sep 23, 2000
Aww man you guys are gonna make me cry. ( :

So many great memories - there are too many to count really. You have all defined what is great about So Cal to me - I will miss you all the most. I mean that.

Keep it on two wheels and shoot me a PM if you're ever in the WA area. Mi casa es su casa.

Farmer John

T.C.F.<br>(tire changin' fool)
Mar 8, 2000
11/24/07, Redding, Ca.
District 36 Buckhorn Enduro

Drive time from Seattle ~9 hours
Drive time from SoCal ~9 hours

Awsome event starting at the base of Shasta Dam.


Your welcome,

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