Can I ask for a test drive?


Can you ask for a test ride when deciding on a bike at a dealership? You can get them at car dealerships, but there usually aren't any trails near a dealership. I would struggle paying close to $7000 for a bike i had never ridden, plus i am still deciding from 2 or three different bikes. I can read about the differences til i'm blue in the face, but i would rather test the bikes myself and see for myself. One last question, when negotiating a price, what percent below the asking price do you start with? 10%, 20%? Thanks!


I just went to a Honda dealer looking at a CRF230 and it was used. They let me ride it around in their grassy area. I was also looking at a WR250 that was brand new, zero miles. They would not let me test ride that one.
yea i think its kinda like that for most. they arent gonna let you ride a brand new bike cuz you are gonna be putting miles on the engine (well more like feet but still)

if they have a used one they might or if they are a big enough dealer that they have designated test bikes (but i dont know of any that do)

Hartsock, it all depends. Show them $7000 cash and they will most likly let you try it. My dealers are good for that. I dont even have money and the let me try the new WR250F and WR450F but they know i spend money on parts there and they know me by name. As for the lowering in price i ushally dont lower the price but get them to set you up with helmate, pants, jersey, boots and so on.