Can I really do this - fork seal replacement


May 23, 2000
Hey All,
I recently bought a 1992 KDX250SR and the forks need some serious attention... the seals are leaking, the springs are too soft, and the action is "sticky" or "notchy"... it has been suggested to me to replace the springs with 0.39 (I weigh 170#), replace seals, and slider/engagement bushings. I think the recommendation is great, but I wonder if I can really pull it off...

I am mechanically adept, but I don't have a seal driver or cartridge rod puller. I'd rather not send my forks back to the US for overhaul, but wonder if I'd be throwing my cash down the hopper if I try to do this myself.

Please advise... thanks.

Jake McKernan

Oct 6, 1999

I don't kow exactly how your forks are set up, but on my '84 KDX200, the job of servicing the forks was not all that bad. I was actually able to manufacture all the tools I needed out of PVC plumbing pipe.

For a seal driver, a 2" coupler worked really well, split in half so it clamshells around the fork. If you have non-inverted forks, you may not even have to split the coupler.

For a cartridge rod tool (for the YZ426F), I used a length of 1" PVC pipe, filed a "castle" at one end and put a hole for a rod in the other (to apply the twisting motion).

Overall, fork servicing is not too difficult. If you don't already have one, invest in a shop manual. It makes the job alot easier.

Hope this helps!



Mar 14, 2001
Generally, this is not too difficult a job.
Make sure you have a clean area to work in and take your time.

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