Dec 2, 2003
A party at Potawatami park

Burgers, braughts, beens, and beer.

Why would I pass this up.

So I could get up early Saturday morning

So I could be bright and chipper Saturday morning.


But being the smart cookie that I am I still stayed up till 1:00am friday night. I couldn't help it Southwick was on the duece.

So I wasn't all that chipper after 5 hours of sleep. But I picked up Joe on the CRF450 and headed north to Little O.

We met up at the 32nd street staging area at 9:00am. There was TCTrailrider on his 300 KTM and his son on a KDX200. Vanov on a XR250. Qcustom on his XR650. Yathump on his yz426. Slow_joe and me.

All these fellas are Thumpertalk riders.

After some small talk we headed out on the trail heading north counterclockwise around the loop. Slow_joe was leading. And contrary to his name he is not slow at all. I could run his pace. But for 40 some miles, I dont think so.

The trail is about the best I have seen it in recent memory. It looks like it has been groomed lattely. It was flat and fast. I soon realized that I couldn't run with Tctrailriders son and let him go to dice it up with Joe. TCT's son is wicked fast on that KDX. Although at maybe 15 years old he still needs to learn a little restraint as he took 2 sight seeing excursions. One into a wood pile. He was fine but his FMF Gnarly pipe now has a little more character.

We continued bombing down the trail at speeds way faster than I was comfterable with. The trail has really opened up and is getting way to fast. When I can run 4th gear in the woods that is a little too fast. That is the reason I let Joe and TCT's son head off. I didn't want to ride that fast.

At the top of the Little O we decided to ride the connector to the us37 staging area. That was fine with me cause I had never rode that section of trail before. It was typical Little O trail, wide with sections of deep sand woops. We stoped at the staging area and took a break. Which was fine with me cause I really needed to check out the new restroom that they installed there. :moon:

So back on the trail heading back down to the main trail. TCT's kid was complaining about his KDX not shifting right. Possible because of his excursion onto the wood pile. ( I was teasing him that his dad had installed a wood magnet in the front of his bike) BAck down at the top of Little O were the connector joins we took a little breather. There was a group of quads here. One walks over and it is Gordy from the KOM trail riders. Cant I ride anywere anymore without meeting someone I know. We chatted a bit then headed out again with Joe and TCT's son in the lead. It was starting to get a little dusty in spots so we all spread out to avoid a lungfull of michigan dust.

I was trying to catch TCT's son on the KDX. WE got spaced out in the dust. The harder I would push to real him in the farther ahead he would get. That boy is fast when he puts it on. I didn't have nothing for him.

We rode for quite a while trying to get some miles under our fenders. Joe let me lead for a bit when the trail got tight. He knows that I love the tight rooty trail. And there is a section down by the swamp that has my name all over it. I was lovin life.

I noticed something riding behind Joe. Everytime we stoped for a few minutes when he took off he would be slow for a little but till he got his groove on. I of corse took advantage of this and when we would leave from a stop I started blitzing right from the get go trying to make some time on Joe. I dodn't work all that well as he would just get his mojo on and run me down.

Somewere around here Joe noticed that skippy's back brakes were getting mighty thin. So I quite using them and switched to the front brake. Interesting ridding like that. Did better than I expected. I am used to brake slidding into corners with the back brake.

We stoped at the us10 crossing. Joe TCT and son headed on. The rest of us waited for Vanov to show up. Nothing. No sound or anything. I headed back in to investigate and came across him loping along. Aperantely he was watching qcustom and not the trail. He pealed a tree hard. His wrist was tweaked bad but he was able to ride out. It was probably sprainged. It was swollen up by the time we got back.

From he US10 x-ing it is only like 5 miles to the parking lot. We all fell into a steady pace.

I had a hair raising moment close to the staging area (really close to the spot were I broke my femur several years back :think: ) I was bombing thru some deep sand woops, came around a bend in the trail and there in front of me coming my way was a golf cart. Yes a golf cart. They saw me coming and was trying to get off the trail. I was trying to stop. Yathump was watching this from behind and cringing. I could not stop for the life of me. I would hit the binders and bounce off another woop. I stopped like 1ft away from them. Thank god they got off the trail or I woulda been a hood ornament.

From there is was just a short jog back to the staging area.

Joe was pretty happy to make it back to the staging area on his 450, as he had maybe 2 cups of gas left in the tank.

Joe helped Vanov load his bike as his wrist was not working right by now.

We loaded up and headed home with 47 miles on Skippy's odo.

I didn't get any photo's this time. Didn't even take the camera. I knew this was gonna be a hard fast ride with no time for photography.

So Woodsy if you are reading this here is your trail report. Hope you are felling better.

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