Canfield Trails threatened (CDA, Idaho area)


Aug 13, 1999
Just got this from Kootenai Cycle:

Jack Durrell with the CDA Ranger Station has a Back Country Travel Plan which threatens to close down 40 miles of Trails including Trail 28.

We all need to get a letter to this Ranger no later than May 15th to try to prevent this. His belief as I was told is that the motorcycles are out of control and so is the garbage. I got the impression that he feels it is us who is leaving the trash behind and we all know it is NOT. We are the ones picking up after everyone else. So please let everyone know and lets flood this guy with letters to keep our trails ours to ride. FYI: Here in Kootenai Co. there are over 9,000 Reg stickers sold each year. We are one of the biggest in ID.

CDA River Rangers District
2502 E. Sherman Ave
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Attn: Jack Durrell
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