Aug 27, 2001
Hello all. My son and I are new to the Kdx family. we each have a new 2001 kdx. My son has the 200 and I have the 220. After getting them home and riding we are both very happy, but I noticed that the carb on the 200 is bigger than the 220. anybody know why that would be?

I also want to pep mine up a bit and was thinking of changing the pipe to an FMF. Which pipe do y'all recommend. I ride mostly trails, but would like to someday participate in an enduro race or two.
Thanks for the help and look foreward to reading more posts here.


Oct 28, 1999
The 220 uses the 33mm carb while the 200 uses the 35mm. The main reason for this is to enhance the bottom end power of the 220, but this comes with a sacrifice on top end power. The 200 revs higher, with somewhat less bottom end. Both pull strong over mids. A FMF (on either) will wake the KDX up to say the least. I would recommend a Rev pipe on your 220, but this is very dependant on your riding style and terrain. I would also recommend reading the hop up tips in the tech section. It is a option to modify your carb at a later stage if needed.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Roberts

May 5, 2001

Lew :: Just wanted to take a moment to welcome you and your son to the GREAT kdx site, Bought a 01 220 myself this year, best woods bike i have ever ridden!!!!!! Jeff Roberts:cool:


Sep 2, 2001
KDX carbs

The KDX 220 comes ex-factory with a smaler carb than that of the 200 ,because if it was 1mm bigger,must it compete in the 250cc
class. For better performance replace the stock standard pipe with a FMF fatty, dynotune the bike to get the optimum
jet size -air and fuel mix.This depands on your riding style though,you can set it up to be economical or to be a real screamer.
Enjoy your new KDX and dont even think about replacing it with something else later as you will miss the KDX's allround capabilitys.
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Dec 10, 2000
Welcome to the site!:cool:

The 220 is an evolution of the 200, and was designed for the purpose of enhancing the low-end torque. For this reason, it has a smaller carb, the ignition curve is different, and the porting is tuned for low-end torque. There are many easy mods you can do to both machines that will really wake them up, as they are very corked up from the factory.

The 200 responds well to either the torque pipe or the rev pipe. The torque pipe will boost the low-end, but it still won't pull quite as strong down low as the 220. The rev pipe will really wake the 200 up, and it will be stronger everywhere, without losing the friendly nature of the stock power. Either pipe is a huge improvement over the stock pipe. The 220 doesn't respond very well to the torque pipe, that is why FMF only lists the rev pipe for it. With the rev pipe, it will still pull strongly down low, but the mid-to-top will be nearly equal to a piped 200. Definitely get rid of the boat-anchor stock pipes. You can still use the stock silencers if money is an issue (isn't it always an issue?;) ), the gain from an aftermarket silencer is minimal.

There are some must-do mods to both machines. The air boxes are very restrictive, and the jetting is very rich from the factory. You can find all the info and specs for both on this site if you do a search.

The first thing you should do to either bike is to jet them correctly. The next most important thing, in my opinion, is to fix the horribly unbalanced suspension. The forks are sprung for a 130lb rider, while the shock is sprung for a 170lb rider. Putting stiffer springs in the forks will help to balance the suspension front-to-rear, and will help to keep the font end from riding down in the stiff part of the stroke.

Before you put much time on either machine, take the suspension linkage, swingarm pivot, and the steering head apart and grease the bearings, as the factory only puts enough grease in these ares to prevent rusting.

You picked great machines that will give you many trouble-free years of enjoyment. A well set up KDX with a good rider onboard can show it's rear fender to many larger, more powerful machines in the tight woods. Have fun!:)

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