96 YZ 125

Jan 10, 2007
So, about a month ago the bearing on the output shaft blew up on me. so i took the motor off and started to work on the motor. well then i realized that i needed a case splitter :bang: ! so my question is, is there anywhere i can pick one up on the cheap or is there any way i can make one myself? any and all replies would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance, Justin.


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N. Texas SP
Nov 25, 1999
There are several options. Most auto parts houses carry a variety of wheel pullers. While these are not ideal for the job, they do work. You will need to make sure you have the corrected threaded bolts to use with it. The kit I bought several years back was around $8. It came with 4 pairs of bolts, each pair was a different size and thread count.
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