Feb 16, 2001
Work Day - BIG Success!

The California Enduro Riders Association (CERA) would like to thank the 80+
off-road enthusiasts who helped us out at Georgetown on May 5th. Members of
several district 36 clubs showed up including the Nevada County Woods
Riders, Trail Bike Sportsmen Association, High Sierra MC, Timekeepers,
Richmond Ramblers, and of course CERA. We also had a good turnout of local
landowners and unaffiliated riders.
Due to the new soils standards, and because the Fools Gold was run in such
wet conditions last year, the amount of work needed to be performed on the
trails at Rock Creek has been overwhelming for our club. The strong turnout
coupled with the great work ethic of the volunteers even allowed us to
perform some long-overdue improvements on other trails. The trails in the
Rock Creek area are in better shape than they've been in for years. We were
successful in repairing virtually all Red condition trails, with the
exception of a few which require full reroutes and are pending a Forest
Service documentation process. In addition, one trail which has been closed
since last year will be re-opened in the next few days. We are deeply
grateful that you guys, our fellow enthusiasts, who were willing to step
forward and help keep the trails open for us all to enjoy. With out your
help it would have been very difficult for us to complete all the work in
the time frame mandated by the Forest Service. We will continue to have work
parties to address some potential future trouble areas, but we are well
positioned for Fools Gold 2002. Special thanks to NCWR for putting on a
great burger-and-dog BBQ! You guys did a masterful job coordinating the
barbecue on Saturday afternoon. Thank you for stepping forward to volunteer
cooking and providing food and beverages for all of those who attended the
workday. We appreciate every ones continued support and look forward to
working with you again in the future.

Sincerely, CERA

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