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Nov 25, 1999
October 5th was my dad's 75th birthday, so my dad, brother,and I went to Chadwick for a long weekend. It was nice but a bit warm. My brother had crashed my ATV earlier in the week, not wearing a helmet, and was pretty beat up from the crash. We made the best of it though.
Friday I went out on the YZ and did some moderate trails at a very tame speed because I was riding alone. I was the only bike amoung a dozen or so ATV's. The hill climbs were slick but very fun. The rain early in the week made for perfect trail conditions. I took the day very easy and enjoyed being on my bike. The three of us had some true Heartland Spode chile for dinner and slept with the windows open, ifyaknowwhatImean.
Saturday morning was perfect. After breakfast I cruised thru the area and found a couple of guys on RMX's getting ready to hit the trails. I asked if I could tag along and they were happy to let me. These guys were good riders but as out of shape as me so we clicked pretty good. Within a short time we were riding at a good pace and hitting the black diamond trails and some unmarked single track. We hit the jackpot on the far NE corner of the park. The ground, that wasn't rock, was moist and traction was really good. The majority of trail is rock and of every shape and size you can imagine.
We came out of a valley up a nasty uphill near the trial area and then decided to make for camp and more water. The shortest trail was one of the toughest trails in the park so we took the moderate, yet longer trail. We came to a trail intersection and as I pulled in the clutch, snap went the cable. While my new riding buddies decided which trail to take I rode circles around them, literally. One of the hollared and I signaled that I didn't have a clutch. So off we went. The trail was moderate, 2 track with plenty of climbs and decent. Toward the end of this trail, we hit a nasty uphill. The new flywheel weight paid for itself. The YZ pulled from the bottom and never sputtered. At the top we realized that we were close to the highway and we popped out and rode the mile and a half back to camp.
My dad and I headed to Springfield to try and find a cable. No luck, the YZ would have to stay parked.
The afternoon was spent riding the Scorpa and the ATV. My brother went out with me and followed me around. The Scorpa is different in every way from the YZ and it was quite at home in the rock and root infested trails of Chadwick.
Sorry I didn't let anyone know about the trip, my brother wanted to the weekend to be just us. I hope to make another trip soon.


N. Texas SP
Nov 7, 2001
Sounds like a good time. Much cooler weather this week. We need to make another trip there at some point............
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