Jun 14, 2004
Hi I was looking for some guidance.

My 220 is pretty stock and had a lot of witness marks from the factory still on the bike. If you look really close under all the mud :)

I notice when I was cleaning down my bike the other day that the two chain adjusters were not in the same position.

It doesn't look like the previous owner had removed the nut to make any type of adjustment.

The chain look a little loose but I am unsure (Novice :) ) with bikes. First one :yikes:

What I would like to know is if this is correct. The sprocket side adjuster is at 4 and the kick starter side is at 5.

Is this normal??from factory?? Is the chain adjusters offset because of the sprocket?

As well I did notice some wear on the front sprocket (engine). Not on the teeth but on the face of the sprocket .

The chain and sprocket are factory.

If anyone has some advise that would be great.

Swarm ;)


Sep 29, 2002

The snail adjusters should be the same on both sides. The chain should have about 2.2 inches space(about three fingers) from the swingarm to the bottom of the chain when pulled tight in the middle from the front to rear sprocket. Wear on the face of the sprocket is OK, watch that the teeth on the sprockets is symetrical and a uniform half circle rather than oblong or pointy on top. There is a lot of info on chains, adjustments, cleaning and replacement if you search this forum.


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Apr 30, 2002
It's probably not right, but the factory probably didn't put it together that way. I believe they come in a crate tied down at the front and rear axles. Dealer installs handlebars and both wheels - if the chain is out of alignment that is likely where it happened.

If you have access to a steel scale, measure the distance from the center of the axle to the swingarm pivot bolt on both sides, very carefully. It should be the same distance, regardless of where the snail adjusters are.

Nice Guy Eddie

Jun 30, 2004
also look to make sure the rear sprocket is in line with the front sprocket.... there should be no noticeable deviation in the chain.... they 'should' be at the same mark and in line, unless there was a screw up on the factory line, or the frame/swingarm is bent....

my guess is that the last guy didn't properly tighten the chain and left it out of line (or it torqued itself out of line from the axel not being properly tightned) ... this caused the chain to ride off, causing the wear on the front sprocket.... you should probably replace any parts that seem worn oddly (once you've determined the cause and remedied it)
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