Chain guide dilemma!

May 4, 2007
ok so my chain guide cracked on 2004 rm. The aluminum case actually broke into two pieces. never thought that was possible. stupid rocks...
my question is can i still ride it or is it best to wait for a new one to come in. Im new to this whole dirtbike scene and have been riding quads for more than half my life and they dont have a chain guide on the back near the rear sprocket? If i dont hit any jumps, is it ok to ride? or can i just ride it normally.

btw, i was planning on going trail riding with a bunch of buddies, so I kinda need to know if i need this part or not. If i do need it, I have to drive a couple hours to get one.
Jan 27, 2000
shawnyd said:
my question is can i still ride it or is it best to wait for a new one to come in.

The chain guide does exactly what it says it does. It guides the chain onto the rear sprocket. If you run without it you are taking a big chance of the chain coming off of the sprocket. The problem with that is the danger of it bunching up in front of the countershaft sprocket and punching a hole through your engine cases.

If I were you, I would wait for the part. The factories put that stuff on there for a reason. :nod:
Apr 18, 2006
I have broken mine off twice. What was interesting is that the remaining piece got caught up in the chain, went around the rear sprocket and then jammed into the front sprocket. Then I had to sit there on the trail and take the master link off the chain to get the guide off and back running again.

Both times that happened to me I continued to ride without the guide. I got away with it, but liek Ol'89r said there is a major risk of engine case damage if the chain pops off your rear sprocket. What happens is that without the rear sprocket pulling the chain back from the front sprocket the chain bunches up (you can't push a rope or a chain!) and then it eventually backs up to the front sprocket and gets jammed into the engine case, which can break it. Expensive.

I might keep riding but I sure wouldn't start a weekend ride wihtout a chain guide. Your bike isn't that old, I would suspect that you can pick up a new guide (or an after market replacement) at the dealer or a bike shop. They are not that expensive, easy to put on (when you have tools!) and it sure isn't worth the risk.