chain maintenance

Sep 29, 2003
I'm very impressed by the amount of useful information available in this forum. This is a terrific resource. I'm running an RK o-ring chain and have tried many methods of cleaning. Last night I picked up a gallon of kerosene($3.99)and a 2x2" soft vinyl brush($2). Poured a little kerosene in a metal pan aand started brushing away.
Like magic, the chain looked better than new. Next sprayed it down heavy with some of that simple green and hosed her off. Removed the water with WD40 and took a little ride down the street to spin dry the chain. Last applied PJ1 lube----looks so good, I don't want to get it dirty! Same with the bike---thorough cleaning, then ride and trash. It's a viscious cycle!! Thanks again for all the good info.