Jul 24, 2001
The front forks are leaking BAD! on the bike (99 cr 500) I ride. I was going to change them, but can't find a book on how to do it. I don't think it can be that hard, but anyone with some info. to help me out, or know where I could DL a manual would be very help full.
Also any info about a clutch, I am told that it was slipping, but the bike is an animal, it pulls hard and is VERY responsive. well thanks.


Jul 23, 2001
You can go online or to your local dealer and order a maintanence/repair book for your bike. It will tell you step by step how to replace the fork seals and clutch plates/springs. The fork seals will run you approx. 15-30 bucks and fiber clutch plates will cost in the 7-50 bucks depending on quality. The book will cost 20-35 dollars. Clutches are very simple and easy to work on but i would get someone else to do the fork seals/I have never done that before.

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