Clutch Basket Notching...File OK to fix?


I took apart a friend's 1997 Kawi KX80 for clutch problems. I found some real good notches in the outer clutch basket. This friend has limited funds and wants a quick, cheap fix.

Can I take a flat file and file the tang surfaces smooth? Remove the grooves and put it back together? The fiber and steel plates looks fine, springs too. Will this offer a temporary fix? This is not a race bike, the previous owner raced, but this guy is trail riding.

What type of results can I expect, by just filing smooth and re-assembling? Thanks, Keith


search "clutch basket" on this site and see what comes up, i read on some post that its best to have a machine shop do it.


its ok as a temporary fix. filing cause the friction plates to have more slop in the basket which allows it notch quicker. it will work for a while though.