Jun 8, 2001
I keep reading that clutch fanning helps one to go faster.

What the hell is "clutch fanning"?
I tried going at a higher gear on a straight and clutch in, rev the throttle, release the clutch.... It still feels slow to me.

Could someone kindly explain to me how is "clutch fanning" done???
Aug 6, 2000
Before I tell you what it is this technique abuses your clutch and you should only use it if you fall off the pipe. All you do is pull in the clutch a little and keep the gas pegged and let out the clutch and do this over and over again till your happy. Also this is a good way to roost people:p


Oct 21, 2000
When I brake for a sharp turn I pull the clutch in about 1/2 way until it starts to engage and I keep the revs high - then as I exit the turn I let out the clutch and continue hard on the throttle. The purpose of this is that by keeping your revs high, your bike charges out of the turn much harder than if you let it bog down. It's the way spodes like me try to keep up. :D But it's obviously hard on the clutch if you abuse it.

I think this is considered fanning the clutch. Someone let me know if I'm wrong.


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Dec 10, 2000
Basically, fanning the clutch is where you hold the clutch lever in just far enough to allow a small amount of slippage, but still keep it engaged enough to be putting power to the wheels. This allows you to keep the engine revs in the meat of the power, even when you are otherwise going too slow in the gear you are in to be in the powerband. This works great for two-strokes, but it tends to destroys clutches in four-strokes (which don't generally need this type of abuse anyway).


Oct 17, 2000
Lever play

How much play do you guys have setup? Does your clucth slip right when you pull it or half way to the bar? Thanks.

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Sep 26, 1999
I adjust mine so that the first half inch doesn't do anything.

But then, I also adjust my suspenders so that I can hit the high notes when singing along to Michael Jackson's Thriller album. :o


Feb 8, 2001
One time during a hairscarmble my bash bar bent into my clutch lever holding it half engaged. I couldn't get it to release so i finished the lap like that. Now that is automatic clutch fanning! No work at all, someone should try to market that! :D

Probably wasn't too good for the clutch though.

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