Dec 29, 2000
Well, my clutch went bad about 3 weeks ago, and we're putting it together tomorrow. I don't know what time though, maybe I could get a few tips before then. Anyways, is there any special things you guys do when breaking in the clutch? Do I really have to break it in? I soaked my new plates in motul full synthetic oil. Because they said too, we have it all apart, and we would of fixxed it earlier, we just need to take it to the shop to get a air impact. Because of that big bolt in the center, those clutches are cool. Not what I suspected to see, the only good thing out of this, I get to do it myself, unless my dad goes while I'm at work. And it's tons of experience. Well any tips, and help would be greatly appreciated. Also, my bike is a 89' kx125. Later.
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