May 29, 2007
I've read a few topics on shifting with/without the clutch and now I'm confused. I picked up a 87 KX500 from a friend and when his kid was riding it he wasn't using the clutch and he was riding pretty much WOT. I don't want to continue this if it's going to kill the bike. Can this bike take this kind of punishment? Are there upgrades I can make to the bike to take this kind of riding? Shifting without the clutch is really nice.


Oct 19, 2006
The last time I had my cases open on my 20 year old bike, the shift forks still showed the machining marks on the faces of the shift forks. The dogs on the transmission showed minimal wear. The corners were slightly rounded but that was it. I shift up without the clutch (with a quick chop of the throttle during the shift). I downshift without the clutch sometimes, but usually use it. It doesn't hurt anything.

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