Mar 27, 2001
The Canton Motorcycle Club is sponsoring their last hs of the year in Glasford, Illinois. We are using the Bessler farm for this event. Any old timers that remember this place, rest assured, you won't remember much of the track because it is about 75% new single track. Don't expect the 4 wheeler wide trails of the past. Not too worry though, there are a couple long pasture areas to catch your breath. We currently have about 4.3 miles of trail laid out. There are a few hills:p and creek crossings:scream: to overcome, but we have 6 course marshalls and at least 8 spotters assigned to maintain the integrity/rideability of the track.

50cc at 10:00am
mini at 10:30am
Big Boyz at high noon

If you see a course marshall with a ponytail riding a CR500, don't run ME over.

PS. Did I mention the hills.;) Make sure your brake pads are in good shape!!!!
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