Sep 22, 2000
Are there any programs that you can buy to protect you from viruses or tell you if you have one. I can turn the computer on surf the web, do a little on Word and spreadsheets, but that's about it. I try to be careful with the E-mail, but you never know.


Aug 17, 2001
go to and search for virus scanners... also search for "trojan scanners" (not what you think it is)... download some of the freeware and shareware ones... scan the entire computer with both types of scanners. then when you download things from the internet, scan them with both.

p.s. if you use hotmail it scans for viruses for you. a trojan, also known as a trojan horse, lets people secretly get all access to your computer when you go online...

hope i gave you some useful info.:)

- YZ


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Dec 10, 2000
You can buy Norton Antivirus or Mcafee Antivirus for under $20 at most places that sell software. With any antivirus software, the key to having proper protection is to regularly go to that companies' website and download virus definition updates. This service is free for the first year, and about $5 a year after that. I do it at least once a week.

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