May 23, 2012
We have had a suggestion that we run 20 % to 25% race fuel along with 75% to 80% premium in our 1998 Suz RM-125. We have also changed form Golden Spectro Pre Mix to Yamalube 2R. We also plan to do some conservative jetting changes to lean it out some per the appreciated suggestions here. We are trying to get it to run a little cleaner. My question is.....on the VP Racing Fuel Web site, there is a big selection of different types to run. It looked to me like T4 Unleaded Oxygenated is right for 2 strokes. A local oil distributor sold me a gallon of Leaded Av Gas at 110 octane and said this would work fine to mix with 91 octane premium.
Will the lead in the Av gas hurt the 2 stroke ?
Just what is the best application on VP fuels for 2 stroke ?



May 10, 2007
Unless you run 100% VP you're still going to have some of the negative effects of pump fuel. I believe C12 was popular for bikes.


May 19, 2006
While AVgas may not be your best solution, I don't believe the TEL in the AVgas is going to hurt your engine. As I remember the only knock against TEL was that it was rumored to cause early deterioration on aluminum plain bearings on autos that sat long periods of time between trips. Your crankcase has zero plain bearings and I don't think using 25 percent--or even 100 percent--AVgas will cause any physical damage. However, others here are much more informed in this area than I.

Rich Rohrich

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Jul 27, 1999
Type the word Avgas into the DRN SEARCH tool and you'll find a number of older posts that go into great detail on the subject of AvGas as well as mixing various fuels.

Here's the link to the SEARCH :

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