David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Yeah sorry dude, I mean it’s a big job & you really have to have all the donor parts from say a SR model KDX & I don’t know what Canada’s rules are like. Some countries you have to have the lights etc working with the engine off, or the indicators working at idle & this all means you need a battery. In the old days my old XR needed no indicators, brake light or nuttin’.

My main concern is knobblies just get so killed on the road whenever you get to the dirt you have no traction.

As for you Spanky!, -Sarcasm on top of sarcasm! If I could stop laughing I’d have a go back.


Jan 17, 2001
For what it's worth, I used the Fredette Hi/low beam resistor set up, but I did not wire it the way the directions are stated. I wired mine to a Domino Control switch (hi/low, turn, horn). They are great, top notch controls that simply blow away the Baja Design stuff and they're about the same price.

I also used the Fredette set-up for the brake light which works GREAT! The only thing that's cheesy about the rear resistor set-up is the spring-pull type switch. I used the resistor set-up but wired it to a hydraulic switch mounted on the master cylinder. I think I got it from Steahly. It's nice because it doesn't have that HUGE nut on it like some of the other hydraulic switches. I still haven't found a great way to get a hydraulic switch on the rear brake because there is so little room back there where the resevoir is. Any idea that I've come up with so far would require the relocation of the resevoir AND going to the round type (smaller) and then removing some of the bracket from the frame. I'll just stick with the front brake for now and leave the frame alone!

Don't expect to light up the world though. The stator output is WAY too small for that. Put the hi beam on, grab some front brake, then add the turn signal and you'll have an instant disco party. Everything will flash. From what I hear, a rewind would help, but I think you only get another 40 watts or so.
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