Aug 19, 2007
Hello. Hoping someone with some knowledge maybe able to help me out. I recently purchased a 1997 Kawasaki KDX220r. I had ridden it about 50 miles with no problems. On my last ride I started to smell coolant. I stopped and shut the bike down. All I was able to see was a little spot of coolant on one of the cylinder base bolts and I noticed that the oil in the sight window of the side cover was frothing looking. The part that scared me was that I could actually hear and see the coolant in the overflow bottle boiling. I called the local dealer and bought what I thought were the neccessary parts to fix it but it didnt work. I replaced the head and base gaskets first. Then I took off the waterpump and the right side engine cover. I put in a new inner oil seal and bearing (on the case cover) for the water pump. I also replaced the cup shaped seal and o-ring directly behind the water pump impeller. Last thing I did was replace the seal on the back of the impeller that meshes with the inner seal behind the o-ring. I put everything back together and filled the radiator with coolant and the case with oil. I took it out for a 10 minute ride. Check over all the bolts and looked for leaks and everything looked good. That was until the other day when I took the bike out for a trial run before the enduro coming up this weekend that I am running. After about 20 miles of riding I stopped for a drink. Once again I heard the infamous noise of the coolant boiling in the overflow and once again there was coolant in the oil in the case. I am not sure where to go from here. Basically I replaced everything in the cooling system that can be routinely maintained. There is no loss of power or hesitation like the bike is running hot, but obviously something is still not right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MIKE 609-413-3984 or jmpooh76@verizon.net

Green Hornet

Apr 2, 2005

Frothy Oil?? After the engine has been running the oil will have a bit a froth visable via the sight window. ALSO if you hear the overflow bubbling, then the bike is overheating & then it will piss fluid onto the head & you will smell coolant.....

It sounds to me that you are boiling over & you are mistaking it for something else.....DO YOU KNOW FOR A FACT THE COOLANT IS IN YOUR ENGINE OR ARE YOU ASSUMING???


May 4, 2004
It sounds like you put the inner water pump seal in backwards. I've seen it happen quite a few times with the symptoms you describe. If you look at the seal, there is a little spring wrapped around the seal surface on one side, and you can't see that from the other side. Well the spring side needs to be towards the water. So one goes in the opposite of the other one with the two springs facing each other....If you put the inner one in backwards, as soon as the cooling system builds a little pressure, coolant will push past the seal and into the engine. Hope that helps. YZ165
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