Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
When I practice, I like to keep everything that I've learned over the years in my head. That tends to mess one up a bit...(ask a golfer) but it helps to use all your skills and choose different lines each turn. It's good to have an oval practice area with two nice turns. Just have someone time you each lap. Ask your timer to critique you as well. Try different lines. I like to work on the outside line a bit, then go to quick inside snaps. Then maybe try brakesliding to the berm and pinning it. To me, being able to handle all the different lines with moderate speed is far better than being very fast on one of them. We don't always get the line we want when racing.

PS.....watch and absorb what the A riders do.


Jul 26, 1999
Mike Lafferty of team KTM suggests setting up a figure eight and just running it over and over. That way you practice left and right turns all the time. He suggests trying different techniques from brake sliding to flowing thru the turn until you find the best way for you.....
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