Sep 30, 2000
Alright, I know I have had a lot of these posts circulating concerning different bikes, but I'm in the process of getting a new bike, and I am keeping my options open, and closing ones that are less feasable, thanks to the opinions/inputs of the people from this forum. Anyway, I'm 5'3", 120 lbs geared up, and I am expecting to grow any time soon...(I'm way over due for a growth spurt.) Anyway, will a KTM 125EXC be too much for me coming off of an RM80? How is the power band? Pipey? How is it for twisty, gnarly trails? How is the mantainence of this bike compared to say my RM80? I'm concerned about getting parts for it...although, a local shop does serve KTM. Thanks a lot for any input


Jun 12, 2000
My son is 5'2 140lbs. He hasn't ridden a 125 EXC yet. He has ridden a 99 200 mxc and really did well on it. He has some problems on tight technical rock or log sections but otherwise he is comfortable with racing it on most Harescramble courses that he is familiar with. He currently has a 01 RM80 and a 99 RM80 that I was going to convert to a big wheel. (idea scratched) We will have a 125 EXC or MXC in our pit by the end of this year.

As for maintance. My 300MXC and the 200MXC are not any harder to service. KTMs have great OEM parts that last very long. I tear down either bike after a race anyway to grease and inspect. The top/bottom end & clutch will out last the RM's 4-5 to 1 at least....IMO

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