Sep 1, 2007
Hi there,

after a previous post on here after my bike wouldn't start at all. I have changed the spark plug and the bike starts first kick now.

It seems as though my sparkplugs are only lasting for about an hour and then they are useless. I have also noticed that the bike seems to lack power and is holding back making a weird bogging noise when you reach speed.

Someone has metioned looking at the reeds, which I have done and am not sure how you tell if they are no good. Also on the reed block there is another two parts on there, i am unsure what they are and how you can tell if they are faulty.

the bike is rideable at moment but just lacks power.

any help, any ideas much appreciated. I'm now fed up of buying new spark plugs all the time.

Steve. :whoa:


Crash Test Dummy
Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
If it's starting first kick, your reeds are probably fine.

Time to start lookin at your jetting.

Also, make sure you have good quality fuel, that's new.
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