Cr 250 Cylinder differences ? 92-01


Apr 20, 2006
So I got a smoking deal on a 96 Cr 250 ($400 cdn) that is complete but not running. The bike was rebuilt top and bottom and only lasted a few rides and then had no power. (still running) The guy had torn down the top end and there is metal that went up the cylinder. The bottom end is tight and bearing isnt missing any pieces so I suspect the metal was cleaned out from crankcase from when was blown up originally. The cylinder has some gouges so I thought I would replace it rather than get it fixed/replated. My question is if I buy a cylinder from a newer Cr do I have to run that year of piston? They market from 89-96 and 97-01.

any help appreiciated. Thanks !!


Nov 22, 2006
The difference between the two series is that the older models had higher compression so you cant run a domed piston on the later year cylinder head and vice versa. But I think the cylinders will work for the 92/01 models regardless. In short the difference is in the head and not the cylinder. There may be some slight difference in porting but who cares??
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