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May 9, 2000
I have noticed that the shocks on my CR250 and on my friends seem to make a clanking noise when landing from jumps. Is it supposed to do this? Both bikes did it when new. There seems to be a little bit of free play in the lower shock mount, but nothing is worn. I think it's normal, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyone care to explain?


May 3, 2001
how high are you going?
On my bike when I jump about 5 feet high they clank my seals leak and I can tell how far I go down by the ring of oil.
I bottom out!!!!!!
That might be your problem
If not go higher:p


Aug 25, 2000
Buzz, a small amount of play is fairly common, and not a great concern. As for the "clank"...are you actually bottoming? My first suggestion would be to look for something maybe loose or moving, often other than the actual suspension. Often times a clank is not actually suspension related, just happens to appear with the particular "shock" of landing.

Make sure you have the right spring for your weight and that sag is set correctly (but I'm sure you've already covered these items).

Wizard, if you are seing an oil have a leaking seal head that should be replaced. A good indication is a ring of dirt on the dust cap (where the shaft first enters the shock). If the head is leaking, this may account for your clanking. You too should check your springs adn sag. If you are bottoming badly, this is a good place to start. Also try increasing compression a little at a time to help with the bottoming....but remember, if that seal is leaking, all the adjustments in the world will not cure it.

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