Cr125 2001 jetting


Hello everyone .
I have a stock cr125 2001 which i have put new dep pipes on .
Seems to be running rich and smokes a bit and oil going over my plastics .
My main is 380 pilot is 45 3rd grove on needle .
Should i go for a 370 main or put clip up one notch ? .many thanks


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It's hard to say based on what you are saying. Air temperature, fuel/oi mixture, throttle position, etc can all make a big difference. And there are several things you can adjust like the air screw, pilot jet, main jet, needle and slide.

It is a long read but I highly recommend reading all parts of Eric Gorr's carb jetting guide. Once you understand the basics, it's really not that hard to diagnose problems and fix them yourself. If somethin there doesn't make sense, go ahead and ask but he did a real nice job of making it simple to understand. Let us know hw you make out!

Carburetor Tuning - Intro, By Eric Gorr