Cr250 '01 Forks - Can SS7 oil be used?


Apr 27, 2001
Most magazines are stating to use Honda's SS7 5wt fork oil
for the CR250 showa forks. They say that this oil has less viscosity than normal 5wt and reduces the midstroke harshness. My honda dealer refuses to sell it to me because they said it is made for street bikes with short travel and say it will foam up in a long travel fork. Has anyone tried this oil and does it really reduce the midstroke harshness.



Aug 25, 2000
I run Mobile 1 Syn ATF (about 7.5wt) in my '00CR250 right now, but have tried others. I doubt you will have any problems with SS7, but I would be surprised if it cured the midstroke issue. From all I have experimented with and read here, this is a valving issue and no oil is going to make it go away.

In theory, I would think that a less viscous oil would have less tendancy to cavitate (foam).

If it's any concelation, the '01 is an improvement to the '00. :eek:


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Dec 10, 2000
Originally posted by Spokes574
My honda dealer refuses to sell it to me


I think I would find another dealer and stop doing business with someone that refuses to sell me a product because he is "protecting me from my own ignorance". Who's bike is it, his or yours? Who is the customer? Even if the oil doesn't solve the suspension problem, it certainly isn't going to hurt anything.
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