Aug 22, 2000
It would be interesting to know the circumstances.

I can't imagine just throwing this bike in the back of a pickup truck and leaving it overnight at the Super8 or something.

sfc crash

Human Blowtorch
Jun 26, 2001
if i stop in mac ds or something, i'll always park so i can see my bike in the truck. i guess that's 'cause i spent my own money on the thing, maybe when it's a loaner you're a little more lax, as in"c'mon, lets stop in this strip club, the bike'll be ok, look, no bodies on the street around here any way."i think some people steal just to steal any way.
Oct 8, 2000
May I give some good advise.

I don't know if everyone is aware that you can add your motorcycle to your auto policy. I work for large insurance company, and I added my 2000 Yamaha YZ 250 to auto policy. I have comprehensive coverage which will cover it if it's stolen. I pay , get this, $12.00 every 6 months and have a $250.00 deductable. I advise anyone with an expensive, new motorcycle to check with his or her ins. company for a quote on comp. coverage.
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