Cramped Style Normal For New Users?

Walt Hollis

Apr 8, 2002
Thumps crash notwithstanding, I bought my Cells about two weeks ago. After casing a jump and hearing a snap. I limped away to ride again, but at 38 I figure I had been warned. The impact to break Thumps must of been intense.

Here's a question to the many of you who are obvious fans of the product. I have ridden twice since I got mine and I still don't feel comfy riding like I use to. It's the way you grip the bike with your knees, it is not the same.

I am not going to go back to not using them, but is this adaptation period normal? It feels as though I can't get any grip on the bike. And since I can't get the grip I used to with my legs I am overcompensating with my upper body, thus wearing my self out much sooner then usual.



Sponsoring Member
Oct 23, 2000
It took me a while to get used to them too. Holding onto the bike felt weird, and it was really awkward to swing my leg over to get on or to bring my leg up to kick (being a hair short doesn't help).

I got used to it though, and now climbing on a bike--like to push it or start it while working on it--without braces feels really weird. I think it took me about 5 rides or so.