Crank bearings aftermarket vs. OEM help


Oct 19, 1999
I’m getting ready to do a crank bearing repair on a 98 ktm 250exc. Right now I’ve been calling around trying to get prices. The prices I’m getting from KTM IMO are ridiculous. I’ve called a bearing distributor and their price was less than half of what KTM was, and he said it would be a better quality bearing than stock. The aftermarket guy also says that he only has the ball bearing as a sealed bearing and that he would have to remove the seal and flush out the grease. Does this sound o.k.?
Has anybody used an aftermarket engine bearing before? I’m a little bit leery about using them in the engine because of the quality of the bearing i.e. lubrication, material, wear etc.

Holeshot could you give me a price on them?

Diagnosis: The bottom end started to get a little noisy and then two rides ago I blew the clutch side crank seal (lost half of my tranny oil and killed alot of bugs). After doing that repair, I was talking to someone that use to own a bike shop and he said that the seal usually goes when the bearing goes bad (this would explain the noise). This past weekend I went for a ride and the engine was getting really noisy, started to sound like a diesel. At about 15 miles I decided to go back.

I checked it by removing the stator cover and pulling up on the stator. There is a knock type of noise when I lift up on the stator. Is this normal?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Vince
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