CRF Axle Block


Jan 5, 2002
Watch out for the axle block on the CRF 450 guys! On the left hand side (the axle is shaped like an "0" with the flat sides held by the axle block to hold the axle while you tighten down the axle nut) I noticed my chain adjuster bolt had loosened itself up. Well, I readjusted the wheel to ensure that it was aligned properly and while tightening down the axle nut, the ENTIRE axle spun in the axle block. It feels like it's made out of soft aluminum and I may have been overtightening it a bit--I don't use a torque wrench on it. Now the axle block is rounded out and I have to hold the axle on the left hand side with a pair of channel lock plyers while I tighten the axle nut. :flame:

That is the first thing to break on my bike and it's a heckuva deal to break! First one I've ever broken! ProCircuit makes a pair of red aluminum axle blocks that look pretty trick for $50 so I guess now I have a reason to purchase them!