May 8, 2007
ive been looking at these two bikes for some time and was just wondering what are some of the differences between the two. i will probably be doing alot of trail riding and some fields and stuff, but i want to take it to the track some times too, and i want to be able to hit some jumps and get some air off of them. btw, can the r be ridden on trails a lot or should it not be taken on trails at all, and would the x be good on the track if i wanted to race it or something? just wondering and wanted to make a good choice and get some opinions about the bikes. thanks!


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Aug 2, 2000
either bike will do either thing. To ride trails, you'll have to get a spark arrestor for the R. The X would probably be the more sensible choice.

click HERE and HERE and you can compare them for yourself.


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Apr 9, 2002
I'd try to evaluate where I'll do the majority of my riding, if it's the track then I'd get the R, if it's anything other than the track it would be the X. As Pred said both can crossover so I'd go for the bike that suits the majority of my riding.
May 10, 2007
if its a first bike the x's power will be a little easier to control. plus the x has an electric start(just a nice feature when you are stuck on a hill and you stalled for some reason)


Sep 9, 2006
CRF250X = Trail bike, Electric start, headlight, Smother power delivery. And some more things. Made for anything but pretty much the track. BUt it can be ridden on the track. But it would be great for antyhing else.

CRF250R = Race bike. Lighter. Jut a wee bit more power. It is made for the track and can be used for the woods and such. But no electric start, no headlight, Need spark arestor.

Basically whichever more your going to do. Trails = X, Track = R
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