CRF450 engine noises, leaky water pump


Jun 4, 2006
So I recently bought a 2004 CRF450 really cheap as a project bike from a friend. The water pump leaks out of the gasket for unknown reasons, but it's not getting into the engine oil as it isn't theat fun mirky gray colour when you drain it. He thinks it's the crank bearings (which i will replace) just rattling the connecting rod to the pump and making a bad seal. He's swapped the water pump out with another bike and it still leaks. I'm going to tear the whole engine down and do a rebuild, just wanted to see if anyone had any preliminary ideas. Also, anyone know where to buy a cheap case splitter (i may just make one) or flywheel puller? Also looking for a manual for this thing, how good/bad are the Haynes/Clymers over OEM?


Oct 19, 2006
You might be able to access a service manual online if you join Honda's HRCA and then sign up for Owner Link. The costs is $8 and gives you access for a year.

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