Cylinder re-sleeving or re-plating


Dec 31, 2001
My CR500 -88 cylinder is bored to last oversize (91mm) so it's soon time to re-sleeve it. However, I've heard that there's also another option: the iron sleeve could be plated with harder, slippery material (like Nicasil ). I wonder which one is better option, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one ?
Can the original piston rings be used in plated cylinder ?
Does the plating stick well in iron sleeve ?


Feb 18, 2002
Think of rebuilds

How many top-ends are the bottem end good for ??? What will you do when your crank goes bad ??? I have had the same wonders on my '89 KDX 200 that needs the cylinder sleeved or replated or replaced. I bought the 240 big bore sleeve. I wanna be able to bore it out rather than have to replace rather than rebuild. I thought the sleeve might hold in more heat, but.......... it is a no win situation. I'll go with the loose brand new Wiesco factory recommended tolerances.


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Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
You can have the cast iron sleeve plated but as far as I know there is only one place doing it now (sorry I can’t recall who it is, maybe some one will post it). It is a more difficult process than re-plating aluminum I assume it is more expensive.

As far as what to do with your 500, I’d be more inclined to re-sleeve it. A 500 doesn’t see nearly as much wear as a 125 or 250 so durability of the iron sleeve isn’t as much of an issue. Look at it this way, you got 14 years of service from the original bore on your ’88. Granted a nicasil plated bore will last longer but is it worth the extra expense?

If it was a cylinder that was originally plated I would , under all circumstances, have it re-plated. The heat transfer and durability properties are far superior to a cast iron sleeve.


Aug 13, 2000
I believe it is US Chrome that offers the plating service for iron bores. They claim ten times the wear of iron bores. Even if it is half that, the life of a CR500 bore would be impressive.

BTW, I just had a conrod big end failure on my Husky. The plated cylinder held up well and is reuseable. The head has some mild damage in the squish area. The piston has sections of the skirt missing! I can't say enough for plated cylinders.



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Aug 24, 2000
Its true that USC can plate cast iron, they do it for a number of Winston Cup teams. However with the relatively low price of the stock cylinder, its probably cheaper.


Dec 31, 2001
Thanks for Your comments! I guess CR500 doesn't really need a plated cylinder, because You can get unbelievable mileage out of a stock piston in stock sleeved cylinder. I've heard that plating the sleeve would add power, but there are also cheaper ways to get more power...
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