Cyrca Bark Busters (Triple clamp mount or bar mount?)

I was looking at some bark busters and I really like the Cycra ones.

Are the triple clamp mounts any good? Does anybody have a picture of a bike with them one?

Which ones are stonger? bar or triple clamp mounts?


I had the triple clamp mounts on my CR and really liked them. They saved my hand from any damage in a crash with a tree that broke my femur.

I don't think I have any pictures of them and they're not in photo shape any longer.
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dirt bike dave

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Cycra makes an excellent product and the triple clamp mounts are the way to go. They move the bar and guards a little further out, so you have more clearance for levers and you are less likely to catch your wrist on them if you go over the bars. The guards will also not rotate in the event of a bad crash
does that mean that the bars are more likely to bend in a crash?

You can run big bars without adapters with triple clamp mounts correct?
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Steve St.Laurent

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I have Cycra pro bends with the handlebar mount on my CR250 and the work great. I've taken MANY hard hits to the and they've never moved at all. Great hand guards and a great mounting system too.