Dec 29, 1999

What bike equipment is required to run in an enduro in D17? Spark arrestor? Lights? Or is this up to the event promoter?


AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999
The D17 Enduro Director ( Jeff Fredette) is in Daytona for the week..
So I will have to get back to you on this.

All I can find currently is :

A rider may not start if any state -required equipment is not in working order at the beginning of the meet.
a. Motorcycles must be equipped with a US Forest Service approved spark arrester,as part of the muffler or in addition to it.

At this time I think "bike" requirements would somewhat depend on the promotor and the location of the event?

I'll have definant answer on this coming up...


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Jan 4, 2000
I race D17 enduros and it really depends on the club as far as specific requirements.  As far as I know no one requires a spark arrestor.  Many of them do put you on roads so being legal is your responsibility.  Many clubs such as the Brushpoppers (Morrison) notify the local law of the races and there is usually no problem.  But I was at one last year (not Morrison) that the State boys stopped by and started writting tickets and warnings!  That ruined the race for a few (the mud did for more though!).  My advice is be as legal as you can!  I bought a new bike to have a plate!

Jay Friedrich
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Oct 21, 1999
At our enduro (Forest City Riders, Just southwest of Byron, IL on April 2) you must be a licenced rider and if under 18, have parental consent.

There is some road riding on our event, so you should be, at a bare minimum, have insurance on you bike. It's Illinois, so you better have your card on you also. As far as being street legal, it's your butt.

I suggest a headlight and taillight, and being very considerate of any traffic. (no goofing around on roads)

Remember to slow way down around car traffic. If you kick up a rock into someone else's windsheild, and that person happens to be a landowner, or even a freind of one, it could mean no enduro the next year. Majority of the trail is on private property that we get permission to ride. Just for the enduro and off-road poker run.

In closing, use common sense.

Off soapbox.......

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Dan Pagel
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