Mar 16, 2001
I have a ten year old son who just started riding this summer. He's currently riding an xr70. Is there a class this weekend(9/9/01) at Buffalo Range that he can race in with this bike? I'd like to see how he likes it before purchasing a motocross bike for him.



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Nov 12, 1999
he would have to ride

it in the 80cc class to be legal. That if they still do things the same would be the whole big track. He can ride the 80Jr class at 10yrs old, so at least he be in the slower class of the two 80's. Bad thing about the 70 is that its just plain not a race bike, but if he has fun and rides safe thats all that counts. If he does a no hander lander after a heel clicker on the big table top they you have two things to thiink about. one do you get him a faster bike, or 2. should you fine the nearest FMX official and sign him up! :cool:

Make sure to call ahead for any tracks this weekend, looks like the weather won't be helpful.
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