Mar 27, 2001
AJ or Wardy,
I know the D17 presanctioning meeting is a few months away, but how do I get on the agenda to vote/discuss something at the sanctioning meeting in November. Is this done at the pre-sanctioning meeting or do I need to make a formal request.


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Nov 12, 1999
couple of things

there is a board meeting in September (hopefully not the 15th!) which proceeds the Pre Sanction meeting. The Pre sanction meeting is in October usually the 3rd weekend. To address the council you will need a couple things. One either address the district body by being there representing a club or promoter. The District is a "Club Council" which means that its function is to facilitate the Clubs and promoters, with that said we hope that then the clubs and promoter handle to deal with and for the riders.

Ok now you can also ask AJ, or any board member to bring up your topic at our September meeting. If the board wishes for you to give a presentation then we will give you time at the next meeting.
this sounds alot more complicated then it is, but is as close to what i think the procedure is. I sent this to AJ so he can respond also.

One thing for sure only clubs and or promoters "vote" on any issues. and that is only done once a year in October.

Let me know whats up maybe i can help.

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