Feb 16, 2001
Subject: FW: [d36] Dirt Days help

Okay folks, Dirt Days is a week away. Crunch time.
Forward this to as many as you can.
There is NO REASON not to participate. Either you can show up and
ride/help. Buy raffle tickets, write letters, get new members or just plain
send in a donation. We need your help NOW. Not tomorrow, Not "Other people
can do it. I'm too busy, Or I've already done my share." Well, guess what?
We all need to dig a little deeper, get off our butts and get to work. If
everyone on this list, and the one you are going to forward this to, will
send us just $20 bucks. Just 20. If we do Dirt Days once every two years,
that's less than three, (3) pennies a day. So come on, show up, bring a new
rider and give us money. And write letters. If not now, when would be a good
time to start helping your own sport? When it's over? It is my understanding
that the OHV manger in Georgetown JUST quit last week . Too much political
BS. And he is new to the G-town game. Are you going to just sit back and let
the "other side" win. I don't think so. If you don't want to help, let us
have your address so when the riding is illegal everywhere else, perhaps you
wouldn't mind us going over to your place to ride. Please plant some trees.
We love trees.
Thanks folks. Thanks very, very much. See ya at Dirt Days 2001
**** West
Home 530 626-1262
Cell Phone, (No its not really a cell, pick up truck really). 916 425-5497


Feb 16, 2001
Yup, tis a ride.
D36 thing.
Did I post it to the wrong section?
I figured the people who want to help will come here.


Sep 22, 2000
No that is fine, just hard to sort through acronyms some times :)

Go ahead and post it on the Ride board also.

Sounds like a great time and for a good cause.


Mr. Atlas
Jul 28, 2000

Seriously, ever hear the saying "People make time for things they want to do"?

I hardly have time to pick my nose anymore, but I at least make time to respond to most of Michael Damaso's D36 egroups Action Alerts.

I also find money to give to various groups like BRC, National Right to Life Committee. And this is in addition to my regular tithing (money we give to our church each month). Sheesh, no wonder my Motorbike account isn't growing!:scream:

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