Sep 8, 2003
I am thinking of getting new reeds and i have a couple of questions.
1. Is it worth the money to get new reeds?
2. Will i feel a noticable change in power?
3. Will i need to rejet my bike?
4. Which brand should i get?

Thanks for any help


Nov 17, 2001
I have used both of these on my YZ 250. Yes, there is a power difference. The bike felt cleaner at low RPM's, and had more top end.

Jetting does change (at least for me)

Both felt almost identical in a back to back test. The boyesen gave more of a hit, the othe rbeing more smooth. I like both of them, but kept the V Force in my bike. I would buy the one you can get the best price on. Honestly, both were good improvements.
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