Differences between 06 and 07 RMZ450?

Nov 30, 2003
The time has come, I am looking into purchasing my first MX 4 Stroke. Last weekend, I was racing at Mountaineer, the disadvantage was obvious. First, the lines are totally different and I was out braked at every corner. I'm sure some of that is due to operator error but I'd like to even the playing feild.

Current bike is a 2003 RM265 with a MX Tech suspension. I'm, 210, 5'11", a middle B class rider, ride Motocross and can handle almost any maintenence task.

What are the technical differences between the 06 and 07 RMZ 450F's. Ie; suspension, motor and handling? I'd like to get the best value for my buck. The dealer has a new 07 for 5k.

This isn't a, "What bike do I get" question. Looking for some first hand info, other than what the MX rags have to say.

Thanks guys, Steve.
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