May 23, 2000
Hey all, I posted a jetting question a while ago and am ALMOST pleased with the results in changing jets. I went from the stock jets of 160 main to a 155 and 48 pilot to a 45, needle clip in the middle position. The temp that day was around 60 f. It seemed as though the 152 and 42 combination was to lean. Now that I have the hang of changing jets quickly I will probably go to the 152 and 42 when it gets warmer. Thanks for the pointers! My problem now is that when I crack the throttle there is a slight hesitation before it winds up. What can I do to remove this hesitation. Thanks,

00 KDX 200
FMF tourque
TCII silencer
Boyesen reeds
used airbox lid as a frisbee.
700 ft elevation

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Most likely you can get rid of the hesitation my experimenting with different air-screw settings. The air screw (the little brass one, not the idle adjust screw) can make a huge difference in throttle response. How many turns out are you now? As little as 1/8 of a turn can make a noticeable difference.


May 17, 2000
Alot of guys drop the needle by raising the clip one notch to the #2 position. Dropping the needle and playing with the a/f screw should fix your problem.
You may want to use the middle clip position if you drop your main to a 152.


Jun 8, 1999
Jjay ... Your dilemma sounds just like what I went through last year. I ride a 98 KDX 200 and in the winter run a 155 main and 45 pilot and summer swap the 155 for a 152 and leave the 45 pilot in. Dirt Bike Dave hit the nail on the head and seems like he gave me the same "good" advice last ytear. You really need to play aith the air screw. I have found my bike runs best when the air screw is between 1/2 and 3/4 turns out. It really cleaned up the low end and that lean BOG is gone.

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